I ask this because recently, I have been struggling with practicing self-control and channelizing feelings and being moral overall.

I lack moral supprot.

Unfortunately, I can’t speak on all of it during this time (and will update this post at a later date, probably around more than 6 months) as since I am… well crap, I can’t say that either.


what makes me want this, bad happens naturally, moral measures self-control, tried of failed ideas that don’t work, treated badly, why does bad feel good, unclear, bottled up feelings, the big questions, self control is the only way, if you don’t like something change it, if you don’t like it leave, i want to be away forever (lost in my headphones), avoiding making mistakes, actions speak a thousand words, actions are according to intentions, actions are contradictory, set your own goals, foster curiosity, what else do you want,